The Next Generation
Of Fuel Management

The Fuelpak FP3 has revolutionized fuel management for all new Harley-Davidson models using the HDLAN (CAN Bus) system as well as J1850.

XG750R tuned by Fuelpak


Fuelpak FP3 Release pdate

FP3 09:2016

Includes Autotune customization and support for 2017 Harley-Davidson models

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Fuelpak FP3 Release

FP3 07:2016

You can now view the target air/fuel ratio. Helpful for all dyno tuners.

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Fuelpak FP3

FP3 03:2016

Fuelpak FP3 is now supporting more year models! 2007-2016 Harley-Davidson models.

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Fuelpak FP3 motorcycle tuner

FP3 11:2015

Improved speedometer calibration making it easier to get accurate results.
Improved (more intuitive) manual cam data entry.

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harley-davidson tuner

FP3 09:2015

The FP3 is constantly improving and offering new features. The latest is the Speedometer Calibration. This allows user's to precisely calibrate the speedometer for stock bikes or aftermarket wheels and tire sizes.

You can now select from 3 different decel-pop reduction levels to help with this annoying and sometimes unsettling sound. Just select the level of popping that you currently have, flash the change in to the bike, and ride!
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harley tuner

FP3 07:2015

Vance & Hines has added several new features in Fuelpak FP3 Version 1.4.0. including Cam Shaft Support, incorporated more than 50 different aftermarket cams in the View/Edit maps area
DTC information providing specific description of that troublecode to better help diagnose the potential cause(s)

AutoTune Force Quit, Customer Support features as well as Manual Firmware Update accessibility.
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iphone motorcycle tuner

FP3 03:10:2015

Fuelpak FP3 has added several new features. Four new options have been added to the Sensor Data: Instantaneous Fuel Economy, Average Fuel Economy, Power, and Torque.

Instantaneous fuel economy will read the current fuel economy in real time. The average fuel economy keeps track of fuel usage over time and calculates the overall fuel economy; when this dial is present in the center gauge, there is a Reset button located at the bottom of the gauge to reset the fuel counter and start a new session.

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